A Fresh New Year

A Fresh new year

As the new year starts, we continue with our Organic Apple season, along with a few new exciting product lines. We look forward to leap into the new year to produce only the best Organic Fruit & Vegetables.

Our harvest date on Organic Apples was early December, and we are seeing good results on our early Afri-Range varieties. We are most excited about our Afri-Glo variety (a late-season variety). The recent rain we had assists in growth in sizes, though we could’ve been better off without the hail it brought with, nonetheless, we still look forward to an exciting Organic Apple season ahead of us. Our Organic Afri-Apples are available in South-African retail stores and other specialist Organic stores (be on the lookout for the OrganoGroup branded packaging). We will also be exporting certain varieties to Europe.

We have Organic Sweetcorn and Organic Butternuts coming in as well. These lines are open as we speak- be sure to look for OrganoGroup at specialist Organic stores as well as certain larger retail stores (look specifically for the term “Organic” on the packaging).  We are pleased with the results we are seeing on our Organic Sweetcorn and Organic Butternuts, good yields thanks to good climate conditions and good management.

As you might have noted we are busy with selected trial vegetable ranges too. In these trials we make small plants from (untreated*) seedlings in a specially designed nursery. As soon as the small plants are ready for planting, we remove them from the nursery and plant them. We recently planted our Organic gem-squash, with the rest still to come.

2019 is going to be an exciting year, be sure to stay updated on our journey via our social media platforms and website.

*untreated seedlings mean that the seedlings aren’t exposed to chemicals and other unnatural substances before we receive them. This ensures that farmers who grow organic veggies, truly farm Organic, from planting to harvesting.

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