What does Organic Mean?

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#1- Only Natural inputs are used when producing organic products, this means that organic producers use only safe and naturally formulated inputs when they grow our produce.

#2- On an organic farm you can walk into the fields/orchards at any time and eat any fruit or vegetable without the worry of possibly consuming a fruit/vegetable that’s been exposed to a pesticide.
Certified organic produce garuantees that the produce is free from harmful substances.

#3- Organic growers must be future thinking and innovative in all production activities and address potential pests and weeds proactively. In organic farming growers are not allowed to use herbicides and pesticides to keep pests and weeds under controll after an investation

#4-  It’s not always bad to spot certain insects in an organic crop or orchard. Organic growers use trapping plants to attract preditor insects that prey on other insects that may damage the crop, organic growers build up the micro ecosystem in- and around the crop

#5-  Organic growers use natural fertilizers such as compost or manure (that is sourced from organic livestock)  . In contrast to conventional practices that may use sythetic or chemically formulated fertilizers.

#6-  Weeds are controlled naturally in organic farming practices by removing weeds by hand, mechanically or other natural methods. No herbicides or pesticides are used in organic weed controll

#7- Pests are controlled naturally through insects, birds, traps and natural agents

#8- Growing produce in organic soils that are a rich sourcoe of nutrients- resulting in more nutritional produce with excellent taste.

#9- Certified organic products are GMO free. This means that organic products are not grown from genetically modified seeds or materials.

#10- Organic Farming means working in harmony with nature and building the natural ecosystem in- and around the crop.

#11- Certified Organic fruit and vegetables are safe and healthy to consume and are free from unnatural and chemically formulated inputs

#12- Certified organic produce are grown naturally, from the soil to your dinner plate, without exposing the food you eat to harmful materials and chemicals.

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