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Finally a fresh Fruit brand that provides moms with a safe choice of fruit! OrganoKidz bags are filled with Fresh, Nutritional and Tasty Organic Goodness- that provides moms with a safer alternative of fruit for their kiddiez.

What is Certified Organic Produce:

Products produced using Natural and Biological methods and inputs, to bring forth Organic Produce. This happens in an Organic Certification Program with strict regulations, audited by international third-party auditors.  ORGANO-GROUP is certified by EU and USDA standards.

Why use Certified Organic Produce:

  • No harmful pesticide residues.
  • No harmful Toxins.
  • No Toxic Metals.
  • Higher Nutritional Value.
  • Higher Anti-Oxidants and Vitamins.
  • Better Tasting.
  • Friendlier to Mother Earth.

Recent events have highlighted the negative effect of pesticide residues to our health, with everything from Headacs to Cancer.  Our immune system can buffer these effects only to a point. The Mayo Clinic has pointed out that Children, Pregnant women and the Elderly are more susceptible to the negative effects of pesticides.  Why take a chance if you can use Certified Organic Produce, that is SAFE, HEALTHY and NUTRITIONAL?

Healthy Soils  =  Healthy Fruit =  Healthy Kidz.

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