Located in the pollution-free Waterberg, Limpopo, we are a business group dedicated to produce & supply Quality Organic Products. We envision a future of Organic products in every home. Our Mission is to produce quality Organic products through sustainable practices.

We supply the Local South African Market through retailers as well as through our own B2B marketing channels. We also export our produce to various international outlets.

With more than 15 years’ experience of Organic Agriculture,we aim to grow further into an diverse Certified Organic Fruit and Vegetable producer, with a wide variety of product lines, consisting of both fruit & vegetables. We farm according to Organic standards set out by the USDA and EU Organic certification Board, meaning we adhere to the highest industry standards in Organic agriculture. We take upmost care of our produce- ensuring highest quality. Proudly, we don’t use unnatural and harmful products on any of our products on the farm. We believe that our farming methods increase the flavor and nutritional value of our produce.



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